So many products today claim to be pure, natural and safe for you and your family, but our research has shown this is far from true. Our search for a genuinely gentle and toxic free skin care range for our own family led to the creation of Avado Organics. The more we looked the more we realised that the products most people use every day are loaded with synthetic chemicals that can have harsh and even toxic effects on your skin and health. After 4 long years of extensive Research & Development I'm proud to introduce Avado Organics to you. The range has been developed for babies with sensitive skin in particular, and for mothers wanting an alternative to other brands containing harsh chemicals.

The idea for Avado came about when I had my second child Lucy. She had extremely sensitive skin and was prone to breakouts of eczema. All the products I  tried at the time would dry her skin out even more. On impulse one evening I added some avocado oil to her bath (at the time the avocado oil was being bottled and sold at my mother's property on Mt Tambourine). The oil worked wonders, there was reduced redness, much less scratching and a peaceful night for everyone! Over the next few nights the redness and dry patches virtually disappeared.

I wanted to share my discovery (knowing how harrowing a child's sensitivity and scratching can be) and so the idea to create a unique range of products using Avocado Oil as the base was born. It took a couple of years of testing, developing and refining. My children became my test lab guinea pigs with Lucy the ultimate trial, and not always enjoying the experience. Now Lucy and my other two children Jessica and Emma love the products and use them every day.

I have since had 2 boys, Joe and Sam so I thought  I'd better update this story so they don't feel left out as they also love using the products.