Avado Customer Testimonials

I recently purchased through Spreets offer the sensitives range of the organic cleanser, body lotion and the exfoliant. These products are fantastic. The exfoliant leaves my skin smooth and glowing. I tried the cleanser this morning as I didn’t clean of my makeup from the night before, I was amazed it also cleaned off my waterproof mascara. The next big test will be body lotion on my dry legs. Your products are remarkable and I will recommend them to my friends.


I have been using the oil and face cream now for 1 week and cannot believe how my face feels or looks!!! I have spent a king’s ransom on products that claim to make you look younger, to reduce the site of wrinkles, to hydrate your skin etc I have finally found the pot at the end of the rainbow that lives up to its claims.

My skin is hydrate all day it feels soft and supple to touch all day and the wrinkles are less pronounced and to make it more appealing everyone can afford to look and feel good with confidence.

Thank you for taking us back to basics this is the way all skincare products should be and were before the greedy beauty industry started to miss lead us and fill our products with chemicals.

I am a customer for life THANK YOU

Continued success

Your products really helped with my skin, in fact the sensitives moisturiser is the first one that really works for me without irritating or causing breakouts (I'm 37, it's taken that long!) plus

I feel really confident using your products on my kids. Well done on your whole range. It's brilliant.

All the best,


Dear Avado

After trying almost every product for sensitive skin, known to man, without success, I have discovered your range...AND LOVE IT. I can't believe how beautiful my skin feels after using it and how reasonably priced the range is. The fact that it is made in Aust is also a bonus.

Well Done Avado... keep up the great work. I have recommended your products to my fam & friends.



I was at Bondi Junction Westfield Coles last week when I picked up the cleanser from the Sensitives Range. After the first cleanse, I loved it and my skin loves it too. I just hope you don't change anything (in the ingredients), as it is perfect.


I just wanted to say a big "thank you" for your lavender and ylang ylang shower gel. I have not used soap for many years and have had a constant struggle to find a mild body wash that had minimal chemical additives. Although I do not suffer from any skin problems I am still very careful about what I actually do use to cleanse myself. I am a 60 y.o. grandmother who has been an athlete all her life so healthy living is a big part of who I am.

I purchased my body wash from Safeway in Seymour (regional Victoria) and am going back today for my second tube. I am so impressed by what you are doing I just wanted to thank you and wish you well in your endeavours. I hope you make a huge impact with your products and I for one will be telling all my friends about them.
With very best wishes

Dee Leatham
Seymour, Victoria

Firstly I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your shampoo. I live in NSW and much to my distaste I visited my local Franklins only to discover that your wonderful product (baby naturals shampoo) had been deleted. Can you please tell me why this is? I do have a Coles where I live, but I just can't understand why it would be the only supermarket chain to stock your products.

I haven't seen the adult range in any store where I live at all. I have dermatitis and prefer baby shampoo (mostly your brand) to any other organic shampoo I've tried. If you haven't already, please try to convince other chain supermarkets to stock (or re-stock) your products, I don't mind buying from Coles (or your website) but I just don't want your product to become extinct on shelves (like so many other good products)...


Thank you so much for your samples.  I love how rich the baby moisturiser is and the baby shampoo smells fantastic.  My mum also loves the sulphate free shower gel.   We will definitely be buying your products in future.  

I look forward to trying the sunscreen on my baby as the last brand I tried gave her a rash.  It's great to have peace of mind that your products won't irritate her sensitive skin.

I received some samples from you a few months ago of the baby wash, shampoo and nappy lotion, as well as some adult stuff. I passed some on to my sister-in-law who was expecting her first baby, and is very particular about what she uses on her skin.

I can't believe how good the bath wash smells, not to mention how much it has improved my sons dermatitis. I had previously been using other well known washes, which just irritated the rash more. Since using Avado Organics products, the rash hasn't been seen. And, my sister-in-law loves the stuff too!

I now have an 8 week old boy and have used your products from the first bath. Well done, you deserve success!
Looking forward to receiving my just ordered goodies.

kind regards,