Looking After Your Skin In the Winter

Tammy Fenner

Posted on July 02 2018

Looking After Your Skin In the Winter

During the warm summer months, keeping your skin hydrated can almost seem effortless. However, the chilly winter months make their return all too soon, and you know what that means — dry, irritated skin. The environment has a significant impact on our skin and unfortunately, the cold weather takes its toll.

We've got a few easy tips that can help you keep your skin looking its best, even in the dead of winter. By making a few simple changes right now, you and your skin will be ready to take on the cold season like a pro!


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 Don't Forget To Drink

When it's hot outside, it's hard to forget to drink. Your body gives you signals that it craves fluids and you automatically reach for something cold and refreshing. Although you don't notice the signals as strongly when it's cold, your body still requires fluids just as it did when it was hot. During the winter months, remember to fill up your water bottle and keep it by your side at all times so you don't forget.

Just like the rest of your body, your skin cells contain water that needs to be replenished. If not, they dry out. The result is dead, flaky skin that can itch and become irritated. Drinking water adds zero calories, so there's no reason to deny yourself of its benefits.


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 Limit the Hot Baths

While a nice hot bath seems so relaxing and just what you need when it's cold outside, don't overdo it! Staying in the water too long can rob your skin of essential oils. Your body's natural oils play an important role in safeguarding your skin from the elements and keeping it moist. Try to limit your bathing time to 15 minutes. Your skin will love you for it.


Avocado Oil

You may have already heard about some benefits of the avocado, such as the fact that it's loaded with vitamins and minerals. What you may not know is that avocado oil has healing properties that help to soothe and protect your delicate skin.

So you don't have to go around squeezing the oil out of countless avocados, we highly recommend using Avado oil. Made with certified organic avocado oil, Avado quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving it feeling silky and smooth. Should Mother Nature prevail and you still encounter a patch of dry, cracked skin, a dab of Avado will provide you with soothing relief.



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