How To Bath A New Born

Tammy Fenner

Posted on August 02 2018

How To Bath A New Born


The first time you bath your baby can be quite daunting and awkward as you are not use to handling something so small that wriggles and doesn’t have a lot of control over their body. However once you get the hang of it, it may just become your favourite time of the day seeing your baby cooing, giggle and looking so relaxed.

Most midwives recommend only washing newborns every second day to start with but I found it great doing it every night at the same time to help get the baby into a pattern so that after they had a relaxing bath I would feed them and then tuck them into bed for the night (well a couple of hours if I was lucky). Really bath time should be a pleasant experience so if it works for you to do it at another time of the day then that’s fine to.


As babies are so small at this stage, if you don’t have a baby bath then you can bath them in a kitchen or laundry sink however make sure the sink is cleaned before every bath, taps are pointing away from the baby and never turn the taps on while the baby is in the sink.

  • Being prepared is key! Get everything you will need for the bath including skincare products, towel, face washer, cotton buds, fresh clothes and nappy.
  • If you live in the cooler climates it is good to bath your baby in a warm room
  • Run the bath and add a squirt of Avado baby bath and body wash – the temperature should be warm but not hot. To check the temperature is ok then you can put your elbow or wrist in to check or alternatively there are a number of bath thermometers that you can purchase to check if the bath is the correct temperature. 37 Degrees Celsius is the perfect temperature. Also make sure the water in the bath is an even temperature by swishing your hand around the bath. This will also disperse the bath wash
  • Undress your baby, except for the nappy and wrap in the towel so they stay warm
  • Gently, with cotton wool that has been dipped in the bath and gently squeezed out, wipe from the inside of the eye to the outside. Get a new piece of cotton wool and do the same with the other eye.

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  • Now pick up your baby, still wrapped in the towel and place your baby’s head over the bath and with a wet face washer gently rub over your baby’s head to wash off any dead skin, dirt or oil. If your baby has lots of hair and it needs washing then you can use a small amount of Avado baby shampoo. Massage gently into hair and rinse using a wash cloth or a cup.
  • Once this is done you can place your baby back on the bench, remove the nappy and unwrap them ready to put into the bath
  • Cradle your baby in one arm, gently supporting your baby’s head in your wrist and holding onto their arm
  • Gently and slowly lower your baby into the bath while keeping hold of them and with a soft face washer or cloth wipe around your baby’s face and body. Be sure to get into all the little creases, especially in the neck, groin and behind the ears.
  • Once you have washed your baby then you can let them have some relaxing time in the bath or take them out. If they are going to have some relaxing before getting out of the bath remember to keep putting some warm water from the bath over the skin that is exposed to the cooler air, especially in the cooler months.
  • Lift baby out of the bath and wrap in a towel and gently pat dry them all over. Make sure you get into all the creases and dry them properly. If your baby gets particularly sore in the creases then we would recommend sprinkling some Avado baby powder onto the area and gently rubbing it in.
  • At this stage it is also good to moisturise your baby with Avado baby moisturiser to help keep the skin hydrated or you could give them a baby massage with Avado organic avocado oil.
  • Dress your baby and you’re done! Time to enjoy some cuddle time.


Tips: If your new born doesn’t like being put into a bath to start with them you could try undressing them and wrapping them loosely in a muslin wrap or something similar and placing them in the bath. Once they are happy then slowly unwrap them. Repeat this at every bath time until your baby feels comfortable getting into the water and then you can just put them straight in without wrapping them

Try and use a bath at your arm height as it can get quite uncomfortable bending over a long way.


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