Avocado Oil Versus Olive Oil. We Compare The Two

Tammy Fenner

Posted on July 03 2018

Avocado Oil Versus Olive Oil. We Compare The Two

For quite some time now, we've been learning about the health benefits of olive oil. As it contains major antioxidants such as vitamin E and polyphenols, it's not only healthy and tasty - it's good for your skin, as well.

Recent discoveries have confirmed that these same antioxidants can be found in avocado oil. In fact, avocado oil penetrates deeper and delivers these vital nutrients to more layers of your skin. Avocado oil also has the important nutrients that fight the aging process, along with other added benefits.

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Vitamin E protects your body against free radicals that you encounter during the course of a normal day. These are caused by UV rays from the sun and other elements, such as your diet. Free radicals can speed up your aging process, causing wrinkles. Vitamin E fights free radicals and helps prevent the onset of new wrinkles.

Just half of an avocado can contain up to 2 milligrams of vitamin E, while a tablespoon of olivesproduces 0.14 mg. You'd require a lot of olives to get the same amount of vitamin E you find in just a small amount of avocado.

Polyphenols work directly with the blood vessels to improve their function. They've been proven to lower blood pressure and decrease inflammation. By applying polyphenols directly to the skin, the blood circulates and encourages new cell generation.

The polyphenol level of avocado oil is comparable to that of extra virgin olive oil, but avocado oil contains higher levels of oleic acid. Also known as Omega 9, this good fat can enhance skin penetration.

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You may not realise it, but the olive oils that you find on your average supermarket shelf do not have all of the healing properties you're looking for. Many popular brands are olive oil blends and could irritate your skin.

As avocado oil is naturally thicker than olive oil, it has an instant soothing effect on the skin and starts working quickly. It's a great aid for nursing mothers and provides fast relief from soreness and irritation. 

When it comes to using products which contain avocado oil, be sure to check the label. Only certified organic avocado oil will give you the benefit of pure avocados that haven't been grown with the use of chemicals. 

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Don't wait for summer to start adding avocado oil to your daily routine. The sooner you get started, the faster its healthy fats can help you win in the fight against the aging process.

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