health benefits of avocado oil

The impressive list of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids contained in avocado oil is of immense benefit to the beauty industry.

Vitamin A (carotene) and Vitamin E (Tocopherol) help prevent dry skin. Vitamin E is also healing and along with vitamin D is known to be effective against wrinkling and sun damage.

The abundance of fatty acids in the oil and the fibrous proteins (around 4 per cent), act as a natural skin moisturizer helping the skin to look soft and young.

The combination of the vitamins, protein, lecithin and amino acids and high percentage of unsaponifiables is what makes this oil highly therapeutic giving it its healing and regenerating properties.

One of the sterols, phytoserol, has the same penetrating abilities as lanolin, allowing it to penetrate deep into the epidermis. It is this ability to penetrate the skin, which has lead to the success of avocado oil in the beauty industry.

our promise

That you will love our organic and natural product range! All products are manufactured to GMP standards so we can confidently say that we manufacture to the highest standard. We also promise that any of our products that say they are organic have actully been certified by ACO


Avado products are all enriched with our Certified Organics avocado oil. All the ingredients we use have to undergo a very strict QA process before they are used in our product. We always source locally were possible and use only naturally derived and organic ingredients in the products.

australian manufactured and owned

Avado is owned by an Australian family and all our manufacturing is done in Australia in compliance with GMP. We are currently in the process of changing over all our packaging to include the logo. If you would like to see our certificate please contact us via email

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