I have just recently had my third child and have always had trouble breastfeeding. Whilst in hospital, a girlfriend brought in a tube of your nipple cream. I thanked my friend for bringing in the cream whilst wondering why on earth she would do such a thing, i already had my 'best in the world' nipple cream. After getting home, i used my 'best in the world' nipple cream and my nipples still felt unbearable. After much pain and crying, i remembered the Avado cream my friend had got me at the hospital and searched for it as my last resort. And lucky i did as this is what i believe enabled me to continue breastfeeding.

Avado nipple cream glides on so easily. I no longer cringed when putting my baby on to feed, my body no longer stiffened when i tried to put nipple cream on and tears no longer fell when i went to remove my breast pads. I swear by your nipple cream as i have tried everything.

Avado healed my nipples in no time thus enabling me to continue feeding and for that i  thankyou with all my heart. I now know what i'll be buying my friends who are in hospital after bringing their child into the world.......

Once again, thank you for a perfect product.